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Franchise Costs

Since the pet industry is booming, Multi Menu has put in place all sorts of dispositions to help small investors launch their businesses. Are you a pet lover? Do you want to become your own boss?Small Investment

What would you say if you can start your business for less than $10,000 - Unlike some franchisors, Multi Menu does not require hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments. Depending on the number of doors on the territory chosen, those who wish to build their own business can do it with a limited investment (between $5,000 and $15,000).

Excellent profit margins (up to 40%), deductible expenses for the home-based franchise and a minimum initial investment are among the elements that attract small investors.

Working Capital

Operating costs and working capital of a Multi Menu franchise are limited. You use your vehicle to make deliveries. It will be identified. The starting kit of the new franchisee provides a credit of $ 200 for decals. Since you are working from home, not only certain expenses can now be deducted from your taxes, but the costs of operating a home-based business are limited. The inventory requirement is also limited. You can pick up at your Master Franchisee's warehouse the quantity of bags needed for your supplies and samples of the week. You can build your working capital as your business grows.

Protected Territories

When an investor buys a Multi Menu franchise, he obtains a protected territory that belongs to him entirely. The Multi Menu franchisee is not a distributor; he is the owner of his company. For example, if a franchisee decides to retire, he can sell his territory and his customers. He will have a return on its investment.

In addition, Multi Menu cedes full exploitation rights to franchisees and does not require fees to enable them to achieve their financial goals more quickly. The Multi Menu Franchise Contract is unique. It is renewable without charge every five years.

Other expenses

To obtain a complete picture of expenses that you must foresee, it is better to communicate with the Master Franchisee of your area. He/She will guide you and show you the factors that may affect spending related to a franchise.

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