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Small investments that make the difference

Multi Menu franchisees have a remarkable tool: an online store with over 6,500 pet products, much more than a pet shop. All this was done with the Image Fund!

This online store locates the pet owners who wish to receive a food sample. These are additional sales! Customers can shop online, order and pay at the door. The Multi Menu franchisees can meet their clients when they deliver, get news and maintain an excellent customer service.

The usefulness of this online store does not stop there. It works in synergy with the Multi Menu software prepared to help franchisees in their daily tasks. All online orders go automatically in the software of the franchisee who does not have to enter data. He/She only calls the customer to confirm the order, agree on the payment method and time of delivery.

The Multi Menu software allows also the entire clientele management. It aims to save time, reduces risks of errors and oversights. It offers the possibility to have detailed customer files, animal records, courtesy reminders with an automatic system, order history, statistical reports and many other features.

For $30 a month, the franchisee saves time and energy. He/She is trained to properly use the software, acquires computer support and receives periodic updates.

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