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My pets have been on the Multi Menu Unique recipe for over 3 years now. My dogs are healthy, happy, energetic, and have shiny coats. I had been frustrated for several years before Multi Menu as my pets were not healthy and their stomachs could not tolerate other pet foods. I had tried several brands from the grocery store as well as high-end name brands from pet stores and my veterinarian. Nothing seemed to help.... they were ill on a daily basis. Multi Menu gave me a sample for them to try and the difference was noticeable within a few days. I would never feed my dogs anything else!
-    Kelly Mitchell – Brampton, Ontario

We are now caring for our second Rotty rescue dog. With our new boy Jackson, we were running into a whole different set of issues. He was fussy about what we fed him; his stools were inconsistent and irregular and became costly when he wouldn't finish his food.
Since being introduced to the Multi Menu Large Breed recipe our Rottweiler is no longer internally broken as we thought earlier. Jackson’s stools are now consistently solid and very easily picked up. The amounts are also smaller, which tells me he is absorbing more of the nutrients. I tell you his insides must work like a well oiled machine and his coat is a shiny black n' tan too. The funniest part is, I can basically see my reflection in his stainless steel bowl, that's how clean he gets it. No more trial and error, thank goodness!  And thank you!
-    Rich and Tish Gruszczynski and Jackson - Brampton, Ontario

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the fantastic Enviro-Magic Cat Litter. Believe it or not this product improved our family relationship. With the previous product I would get into a disagreement constantly with my daughter over the smell if she had missed changing the cat litter. With your product we no longer have those disagreements, and there is peace in the house once again. Thanks for recommending that we try it. We are recommending the Enviro-Magic Eucalyptus litter it to all our cat loving friends.
-    Doug and Jill Ashmore, Brampton Ontario.

My dog TJ is doing great on the Multi Menu Lamb & Rice dog food. The first one ever that he will eat without having something added to it to encourage him to eat. He is happy and healthy and the decrease in his shedding is very noticeable. He was previously on Eagle Pack, and before that Performatrin Ultra, and before that Nutro. None have given me the same results – I am very glad I switched and so is TJ. He actually wags his tail at dinner time now! Thank you for making me a better “mummy” to my little friend.
-    Linda Martin, Brampton, Ontario

I want to thank you for your recent suggestion of adding Omega oil to my dogs' diets. Since I switched to Multi Menu lamb & Rice with mixing the Omega oil into their food, their coats are shinier and softer AND they are shedding so much less!! Unbelievable!! Also, Heidi suffers from allergies and dry skin and I hardly ever see her chewing at her paws or scratching any more, which is wonderful! Thank you so much!
-    Judy Whale, Brampton, Ontario